Research shows that one to three percent of annual revenue go to printing costs. Below we'll help you discover how having a Managed Print Service will reduce your costs of printing.


True costs of printing

There are many variables that usually get over looked when determine the costs of printing. Below we outline the most costly.

  • Vendor management – The easiest to over look and hardest to measure, especially in larger organizations, because there are usually multiple departments responsible for managing the printers. Consolidate to one source for all print related item (Hardware, Service & Supplies at a low cost per print)
  • Supplies – Stock piling supplies can be costly. Either because of a risk of theft or tying up money that could go toward other business operations.
  • Inventory management – Another overlooked costs, again especially in larger organizations because a separate department, usually IT, does inventory management. This can be an additional burden to your IT staff taking them away from business critical tasks.
  • Help desk support – When a printer malfunctions, your help desk is typically your first response; however, this should be your last. Let us support your print fleet. We will free your help desk support staff to focus on business critical tasks instead of supporting your fleet of printer.

Benefits of implementing a Managed Print Service

  • Financial – By reducing your need for help desk support, vendor, supply and inventory management you can easily see the financial benefits of having us manage your printer services.
  • Time – What’s the old Idiom – Time is Money. Freeing up the time needed to directly manage your printing will reduce your costs.

Implementing our Managed Print Services

We execute a strategic set of procedures to help us determine how to best implement a service that will help you reduce your printing costs. We measure your current situation by

  • First - we determine how many printing devices you have.
  • Secondly using non invasive assessment, we determine your current costs of ownership.
  • Then - we meet with you for our recommendations where we discuss how you'll be billed per print and what that costs will be.
  • Finally - we meet with you quarterly or bi annual basis to review usage and to determine if we can continue help reduce costs.
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